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Designing innovative hydrothermal spa & wellness environments.

We work alongside architects, interior designers and spa/hotel owner/operators to provide insight into the technical aspects of building hydrothermal experiences—ensuring that your wet area is not only built to today’s most current codes and standards, but also that it’s built to last the test of time.


All Design for Leisure projects utilize the very latest technology and all the building and equipment partners we work with adhere to strict environmental practices with attention not only to human wellness but also the wellness of our planet.



The synergy of location, culture, product and people guides and defines each stage in the development process of a spa and its wet area journey.


Working in collaboration with the client and their team, Design for Leisure is able to make every unique spa vision a reality—all while ensuring the plans meet specific technical requirements, follow all building codes and regulations and, of course, adhere to critical accessibility (ADA) standards.


For commercial builds, our team works closely with stakeholders to develop a hydrothermal area that fits the budget, spa program and available real estate. All with a keen eye on ROI and profitability. 

Pictured: Civana, Carefree, AZ, U.S.


Concept Development & Evolution Through Graphics & Sketches

Design for Leisure schematic icon

Honing the Process to Provide Meaningful Space Planning

Design for Leisure detailed design icon

Bringing the Project to Life with Detailed Architectural Drawings

Design for Leisure construction docs icon

Outlining Performance Specifications to Ensure Consistency of Standards Throughout the Bidding Process


In addition to the extensive design services we provide before a build, we specializes in the actual installation of hydrothermal wet areas. 


Regardless of the size of a project, there are numerous technical considerations in the engineering and building of a spa. Design for Leisure has the unique experience required to avoid common mistakes when it comes to every aspect of the build. From the materials used to ventilation and climate control to drainage—we are the experts. We also know the latest technology for lighting, aromatherapy, audio/visual options and building management systems, including smart devices and apps that can remotely control spaces. In addition, Design for Leisure installs the most efficient plant/mechanical rooms (a crucial element of a hydrothermal build that is often overlooked in the early design phases).

All our rooms/cabins and pools are prefabricated using the highest-quality building materials—guaranteed to stand the test of time and also make a minimal impact on the environment. They arrive on site ready for “plug-and-play” installation and Design for Leisure is on hand to project manage the entire installation, working with local and specialist sub-contractors.

Pictured: Faena Hotel, Miami Beach, FL, U.S. 

(Photographer Nik Koenig)



Our hydrothermal spa areas are built to the highest standards and require minimum service beyond day-to-day maintenance and upkeep. However, in the event that older facilities require a facelift or any of your existing equipment requires servicing, Design for Leisure is committed to being your trusted hydrothermal spa specialist for life.


In addition, once a project is completed, our experts will provide intensive staff training on the operation and running of all thermal rooms and pool areas. 

Pictured: Don Genders, Design for Leisure CEO, conducting a training session at Cache Creek Resort and Spa, Brooks, California, U.S.



Our design services are available for residential builds too.

We know how important it is for homeowners to have access to a turnkey, home wellness suite that requires minimal maintenance and is built to last. Design for Leisure’s residential spa design and installation is always done to the same specifications as our 5-star spa projects—but on a smaller scale.

Pictured: KLAFS Aura Sauna

Wellness at Home
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