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We specialize in providing home wellness solutions.

Whether you allocate a small or large space to your at-home wellness needs, Design for Leisure's extensive product line of system-built solutions enables you to create your dream home spa and wellness suite. 

Our European-designed and engineered wellness solutions can be customized to maximize functionality and flexibility of at-home wellness suites. For example, aquapressure showers transform into steam rooms; saunas provide gentle or strong heat; tubs facilitate hydrotherapy bathing or serve as cold plunge pools for hot/cold contrast bathing.

Whatever a homeowner wants, DFL delivers it to the same specifications as its large-scale, 5-star commercial projects. 


Creating a tranquil, private oasis to use anytime—day or night.


Saunas are the most sought-after home spa feature. That's why we're especially proud that world-renowned KLAFS saunas and products are available in the U.S. exclusively from Design for Leisure and our team of approved distributors.

KLAFS customizable, system-built solutions are the highest quality available in the market and are designed for easy on-site installation and configuration.


We offer an extensive range of KLAFS saunas and add-on products like the at-home Microsalt SaltPro X that turns any room into a salt inhalation room. Learn more about the innovative products currently available by visiting

KLAFS Saunas


The high humidity of a steam room offers a completely unique wellness experience. The damp air—which is created when fine droplets of water come into contact with the air—creates negatively charged oxygen ions that not only relax the body but can also stimulate the metabolism and bring increased energy. Installing a steam room or steam shower in the home offers soothing benefits for muscles and joints, while deeply moisturizes your skin.

DFL is your resource for building the most modern, high-tech steam room in your home—whether you have space for a dedicated room or want to create a hybrid steam shower—our European manufacturing partners, including KLAFS, Sommerhuber and Dornbracht, have the expertise to help create the perfect solution for your home.

Pictured: Sommerhuber

ATT_Totale 2_V3.jpg


Bring the fascination of a natural waterfall into the private bathroom. A powerful, graceful cascade of water is the perfect way to gently massage the neck and back area or to cool down after a sauna. Dornbracht's Vertical Shower (pictured) combines side sprays with a massage flow, enveloping your body in  an unforgettable spa experience.  


With Dornbracht Spa Solutions, you can experience water applications at home at any time at the touch of a button. Learn more, download the Dornbracht brochure.

DFL also offers a wide array of hydrotherapy tubs for your home spa needs.

Pictured: Dornbracht Vertical Shower

Water Massage Showers & Tubs


Visiting or staying near the seaside is always invigorating—and much of that is due to the health benefits of breathing in fine salt air.


In the mid-1800s, doctors observed that salt mine workers' lungs were particularly healthy. Since then, research has shown salt inhalation to not only help with common respiratory issues, but also to be immune-boosting and great for treating skin disorders. 

Though Himalayan salt walls look great, the health and wellness benefits of salt come from inhaling it. With KLAFS Microsalt SaltProX, sauna lovers are able to transform a private sauna into a personal salt therapy (halotherapy) room.  

Salt Therapy Technology


Relaxation is at the heart of any home wellness suite and every wellness area should be constructed with this key activity in mind. It's important to create a space that can be used for gently cooling down following sessions in a sauna or steam room.


DFL can help you customize a private relaxation area with the latest in luxury wellness amenities, including KLAFS new sleep lounger. The SWAY's unique pendulum technology gently cradles you to sleep—for a rejuvenating daily power nap or as a precursor to bedtime. 

Pictured: KLAFS SWAY

KLAFS USA brochure


Download our detailed KLAFS USA brochure to learn more about our residential saunas, steam rooms, heated loungers and more.


Nothing conjures up more positive associations than the word "warmth." Combine heat with the therapeutic effects of water in a beautiful, at-home wellness suite to create a private oasis for you and your family.


This is your space, your personal spa. You create the treatment menu that meets your wellness needs - be it tranquility, rest/relaxation, clean sleep, exercise recovery or simply the overall health and wellness benefits that regular hydrothermal bathing delivers.

Talk to us about how you can create an at-home wellness sanctuary that meets the specific wellness needs of you and your family, anytime, day or night. 

Photo Credit: Dornbracht



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