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Get familiar with popular hydrothermal rooms and features when designing spa & wellness areas.

People around the world have harnessed the cleansing and healing powers of water and heat for centuries, yet many spa designers/owners are unaware of the wide array of hydrothermal bathing features and experiences available. We've gathered some of the most common cabins here, arranging them from hottest (sauna) to coldest (snow room), while you'll find other features/accessories listed further down the page. 

Whether you're interested in designing a home spa or a commercial, luxury spa that can be enjoyed by many, take some time to explore the various types of thermal cabins and hydrotherapy pools/baths that are available.


Authentic ways to positively impact wellbeing.

Hydrotherapy offers a wide array of applications and health benefits. Whether combining soothing water temperature with jets and other features for self-massage, using a shock of cold water to stimulate blood circulation, or taking advantage of water for low-impact exercise—all are proven to promote and impact wellness.

Other Hydrotherapy Features


The Guide to Hydrothermal Spa & Wellness Development Standards, Fourth Edition

Produced by the Global Wellness Institute's Hydrothermal Initiative, the book provides design and building guidelines for hydrothermal areas. Our CEO, Don Genders, acts as the Initiative Chair, leading a committee of global experts to promote the Hydrothermal Industry. Design for Leisure provided our expertise for the guide's content and sponsored the production.


Contact us for a hard copy or download a digital copy.

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