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Dornbracht, a company known for its high-end spa showers, is entering the at-home wellness market.

Not only are wellness equipment and features a big demand in new residential builds, we’re seeing more and more homeowners want to “go pro” with commercial-level, high quality, reliable equipment. Just as the high-end residential market looks to commercial-grade appliances in the kitchen, 5-star bathroom amenities and mattresses on par with the bed found in a favorite hotel, so, too, are they seeking out quality spa amenities. Tapping the likes of KLAFS for saunas, Ghareini for touchless experiences and Dornbracht for spa showers. Cutting-edge commercial grade smart automation products are also being deployed for at-home saunas, giving users the convenience of, say, heating up their sauna while en route, and helping them to monitor and improve energy consumption at home.

See more KLAFS Saunas and Spa Suites like this one on the KLAFS USA website.

Credit: KLAFS

Credit: TechnoAlpin

Credit: Dornbracht


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