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A sauna, steam room and various hydrotherapy pools often deliver all the wellness features guests are looking for. Pictured here, DFL designed and built Aqua Vitality Circuit at CIVANA Wellness Resort Spa & Sanctuary (AZ).

In the pandemic’s aftermath, we’re seeing operators, notably Accor, and more recently Marriott, embrace a better understanding of wellness and its value both in terms of additional revenue opportunities and finally truly appreciating the accepted wisdom that wellness consumers can be counted on to spend more.

In a recent Skift interview, Emlyn Brown, global vice president of well-being at Accor said: “Consumers today understand that they need to own their health and immunity in a different way than before the pandemic. Our ability to deliver an authentic, holistic, and highly considered wellness offering is vital.”

“Wellness travelers spend more money,” he said. “In fact, they spend 55 percent more on average than typical leisure travelers. That means more suite and spa bookings, longer length of stay, and higher-end food and beverage purchases. That’s just a fact.”

After years of highlighting the fact that minimally staffed, European-style bathing circuits are true money makers, operators are listening. This is contributing to accelerated investments being made in bathing facilities – whether in hospitality, urban bathhouses, membership clubs, gyms or event new longevity centers that are moving hydrothermal wellness from a “nice to have” amenity to a tool that is considered incredibly effective for living a full and healthy life.


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