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Relaxation: A Key Pillar in Wellness Design

We’ve previously outlined that the three key pillars to successful hydrothermal bathing design include heat therapy, cold therapy and relaxation.

Today we want to focus on the often overlooked – and sometimes “inconvenient truth” – about the crucial need for rest/relaxation areas when designing spa and wellness spaces – whether commercial or residential.

Typically, when we let designers and developers know that adequate relaxation space means enough seating, ideally comfortable loungers, to serve just as many people as the thermal area’s sauna, we often find that they respond with surprise. However, once they understand that relaxation is mandatory for gaining the true benefits of hot/cold therapies, they begin to understand that there is no point in offering hot or cold experiences without making space for relaxation.

Salt walls are an ideal element to add to your relaxation spaces (seen here with Sommerhuber's free-standing, laid-back heated loungers).

Admittedly, it can be difficult to immediately see any ROI benefits of so much relaxation space, but it’s really a non-negotiable if you want guests to truly enjoy the experience and if you want to give them the time and space to normalize body temperature and heart rate after cycling through hot/cold thermotherapy.

The good news is that Design for Leisure (DFL) offers a wide variety of relaxation loungers that will match any style and offer various features that are sure to delight users. These are more than just comfortable chaise loungers, they are specially designed to put the user’s body in the perfect position for relaxation, ensuring that blood flow throughout the body is optimized, increasing the healing response as well as the calming senses.

Relaxation Loungers: Making space for relaxation and even power naps!

Our lounger partners include KLAFS USA, Sommerhuber, and fully customizable loungers from Lux Elements.

KLAFS Loungers

SWAY Sleep Lounger - Designed not only for relaxation but also for sleep. This lounger has a unique "sway" system that rocks users into a quick 20-minute power nap, the perfect amount of time to refresh and revive. The SWAY was studied at Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute, where users were monitored and shown to have a significantly improved Heart Rate Variability (HRV) within moments of laying down, allowing sleep to take hold much faster

Linea Heated Lounger - After leaving the sauna and taking an icy cold shower, nothing could be more pleasurable than stretching out and relaxing on a heated lounger. Ergonomically shaped to hug the body with customizable tiles and bases, this lounger can be customized to match existing decor.

Sommerhuber Loungers

These loungers' ceramic heat-storing surface provide deep infrared heat penetration, warming the body from the inside out. They come in various styles and designs, from freestanding single- and double-seated units to a unique floating design that stays fixed in place. There's a choice of a more laid-back configuration or a more upright configuration for reading/relaxing. The ceramic glaze comes in 15 color options.

Lux Elements Loungers

These custom tile-ready loungers offer timed, thermostat-controlled radiant heat and an easy, ergonomic shape. They are made from durable hard-foam and come unfinished, allowing the surface to be finished in any style on site.

Take a tour through our lounger offerings below:


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