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Dr. Berg’s 8 Benefits of Using a Dry Sauna

We’re obviously huge advocates of sauna here at Design for Leisure. Regular sauna use has proven benefits – including reducing hypertension, improving blood flow/circulation, minimizing stress and helping sleep. Take a moment to watch this quick video on “The 8 Benefits of Using a Dry Sauna” with Dr. Eric Berg. Dr. Berg makes it easy to understand just how beneficial daily sauna use is for your overall immunity/well-being/health. We would add improved respiratory health, especially by combining salt inhalation.

Dr. Berg’s 8 Benefits of Using a Dry Sauna 

  1. Increases Circulation - positively impacts your sympathetic nerve system by moving a lot of blood through the body

  2. Enhances Detoxification

  3. Better Sleep - hugely relaxes the body to improve sleep

  4. Reduces Stress - increases body’s antioxidant levels

  5. Decrease Muscle Tension

  6. Reduces Inflammation/Pain

  7. Elevates Mood

  8. Increases Growth Hormones - a study shows it can increase growth hormones by 140%!


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