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KLAFS Microsalt SaltProX

Turns any room into an immune-boosting salt inhalation room.

This award-winning portable, battery-operated device turns any room (it works especially well in a sauna) into a halotherapy (aka salt therapy) suite. Salt therapy is recommended for common respiratory issues, and is believed to improve common skin disorders, including acne, rashes and eczema.*


Microsalt SaltProX and accessories are available on


The key to salt therapy is having salt particles in the air.

Visiting or staying near the seaside is always reinvigorating—not only for being out in nature, but, notably, for the positive health benefits of breathing in the fine salt in the air.


The notion that salt is beneficial to lung health originated in the mid-1800s in Europe when it was observed that salt mine workers experienced a significantly reduced number of respiratory issues than those working in other mines. Since then, research has shown that salt inhalation provides immune-boosting, respiratory-system benefits and can also treat skin disorders.

Himalayan "salt walls" look great,  but they don't actually provide any health or wellness benefits without actual salt circulating in the air. With KLAFS Microsalt SaltProX, sauna lovers are able to transform a private sauna into a personal halotherapy room.  



Award-winning Microsalt SaltProX turns private saunas into salt therapy rooms.

The SaltProX is designed to produce a sufficient salt concentration in a sauna or infrared cabin no bigger than 500 cubic feet. The relative humidity must not exceed 40%.

Simply preheat the sauna, place the device inside, turn on the main switch and insert the salt container. Press the start/stop button and the SaltProX begins to produce its dry salt-aerosol and ten minutes later, it produces an optimal dry salt concentration for inhalation. After an hour the device automatically switches off.

The installation of a SaltProX is simple. The device is fastened to the wall with a supplied wall holding bracket which can be easily removed at any time. A fully charged battery typically provides three to five sessions.


The Microsalt SaltProX’s invisible grinding technology generates a particularly fine salt aerosol, which spreads gently throughout a sauna. The natural rock salt used in the SaltProX is 99% sodium chloride, the highest purity level available in nature. Unlike conventional salt applications, these minute salt particles spread across the entire respiratory system, from the nose, the sinuses, and the throat to the extreme lung areas and can have an expectorant effect.



Use of the Microsalt results in an in-depth cleaning of the airways and is recommended for hay fever, asthma, bronchitis, cystic fibrosis and other chronic lung diseases. 


Regular salt inhalation can also support the immune system and is considered helpful for people that suffer frequent colds and sinusitis. 


In addition, salt therapy is used to treat skin disorders like acne, rashes and eczema.

The difference in respiratory health using salt therapy technology

Penetration depth of salt-enhanced air using conventional technology (on left) versus groundbreaking Microsalt (on right).


The optimal dose of dry, high-grade salt.

Microsalt SaltProX uses specially portioned salt sticks that contain the optimal dose of dry, high-grade salt for one application. The quantity contained in the sticks is designed for the maximum recommended duration of one hour. To get the device ready to use, simply remove the cup from the device and insert the content of a salt stick together with the stainless steel crushing ball. Afterwards, just place the cup, made of break-proof and dishwasher-safe special glass, back in the device—done. This procedure is extremely easy because the holding bracket automatically guides the salt cup into the right position.

Sold as a set of 50 Microsalt Salt Sticks for $49.00 plus shipping. Each salt stick is good for a 60-minute session.

Woman enjoying salt therapy technology


Download the Microsalt Background Information PDF to learn more about its health benefits and cutting-edge technology.



Microsalt SaltProX and accessories are available on our website

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* While there are many clinical and scientific studies conducted on dry salt therapy (halotherapy) throughout the world, the FDA has not evaluated/approved these statements.

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