KLAFS Microsalt Salt Sticks

  • 50 Microsalt Salt Sticks Included: One Stick Is Good for a 60-Minute Session

    For optimal use, the Microsalt SaltProX must use the Microsalt Salt Sticks. Please note: the Microsalt SaltProX product warranty is void if salt other than Microsalt Salt Sticks is used.

    Microsalt SaltProX uses specially portioned salt sticks that contain the optimal dose of dry, high-grade salt for one application. The quantity contained in the sticks is designed for the maximum recommended duration of one hour. To get the device ready to use, simply remove the cup from the device and insert the content of a salt stick together with the stainless steel crushing ball. Afterwards, just place the cup, made of break-proof and dishwasher-safe special glass, back in the device—done. This procedure is extremely easy because the holding bracket automatically guides the salt cup into the right position.

  • Shipping and handling for the Microsalt Salt Sticks is $15 per order. Estimated delivery times are 7-10 business days.