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New McKinsey Wellness Market Report Shows Why Saunas are Surging in Popularity

McKinsey's 2024 Wellness Market Report reveals a few key reasons why sauna bathing is surging in popularity.

KLAFS USA Sauna at WinStar
Featured: KLAFS USA Sauna at WinStar

There are so many reasons for the surge in popularity of traditional Finnish-style #saunas. A big one is because saunas are integral to hot/cold contrast therapy, a proven - and incredibly popular - wellness activity.

1. Consumers are done with health-washing (deceptive marketing which positions a product as healthier than it is.)

Why Saunas?

Sauna bathing has a centuries-old proven track record and evidence as one of the most effective wellness activities.

KLAFS USA Sauna at Cedar Park Spa
Featured: KLAFS USA Sauna at Cedar Park Spa

2. Demand for healthy aging and longevity products and services is increasing, propelled by a shift towards preventative medicine. Around 70% of consumers in the UK and US, and 85% in China, have purchased a product in this category over the past year.

Why Saunas?

Longevity, both in terms of lifespan and health span, goes hand-in-hand with sauna bathing, especially with hot/cold contrast therapy.

KLAFS USA Sauna Installed in a Residential Home
Featured: KLAFS USA Sauna Installed in a Residential Home

3. Sleep ranks as the second-highest health and wellness priority for consumers and is also where consumers have the most unmet needs.

Why Saunas?

A global study that surveyed over 400 sauna users found that an overwhelming majority (83%) reported a positive effect on their quality of sleep. Improving sleep quality was a common reason cited by participants for using the sauna.

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