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WellSpa 360 - Trendwatch

“There’s an incredible momentum for hydrothermal wellness amenities in spas. These areas are being approached with much more focus, especially as innovative urban bathhouses gain popularity and challenge more traditional spas to step up their offerings. Instead of simply installing a sauna and steam room in a corner to ‘check a box,’ spas are making these areas a focal point and adopting European-style bathing flows that guide spa-goers through hot/cold experiences, offering more opportunity for socializing and connecting. This includes a surge in co-ed facilities and larger thermal rooms that make it easier to spend time with friends/partners while pursuing wellness.

We’re also seeing a new appreciation of nature and fresh air as more spas come out of the basement and into the light. Nature is becoming an amenity in and of itself.

As the benefits of hot/cold contrast therapy have become more widely acknowledged, spas are working to keep up with the demand for cold therapies—we’re seeing more cold experience showers, ice rooms and snow rooms being specified.”

— Don Genders, CEO, Design for Leisure; chair of the Global Wellness Institute Hydrothermal Initiative


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