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The new Awana Spa and Wellness at Resorts World in Las Vegas features a wellness

experience unavailable anywhere else in the US: a grand-scale event sauna, with the

capacity to seat an audience of up to 40 people who sit together and enjoy the theatrical art of sauna aufguss.

Inspired by the European tradition of communal bathing, where a sauna is not only a place for rest and rejuvenation, but also a social gathering point that builds community and bonding around the shared purpose of wellbeing.

Awana’s theatre-inspired, 360sq ft sauna was created by Design for Leisure (DFL) in

collaboration with aufguss consultants Lasse Eriksen, vice president of Aufguss-WM and Rob Keijzer, a three-time world aufguss champion and professional trainer – in collaboration with spa consultant Cary Collier at Blu Spas.


The sauna, from Klafs, is made from Canadian Hemlock shaped to the contour of the curved walls – a key feature of the spa’s sacred geometric design.

Event saunas must be designed and built for purpose, and Awana’s has been specially created for sauna aufguss performances, with theatre-style lighting and a club-quality sound system, complete with sub-woofers hidden under the benches and capable of high volumes.

Space between the centrally-positioned heater and the first bench ensure sauna masters are able to move freely among guests, performing elaborate moves

with their dancing towels that are choreographed to music, lighting and their own custom aromatherapy.


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