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Live Well, Be Well.

Rejuvenation Begins at Home

Picture yourself in your favorite stress-free place, where you feel your healthiest and most relaxed. Where do you go? An uncluttered Zen retreat with stunning views? A bubbling thermal pool? A well-appointed exercise room staffed with professionals to cater your specific needs?

Increasingly, for high-end real estate clients, the answer is all of the above, and without having to leave home. At the forefront of luxury real estate are architects, designers and builders satisfying clients' desires not just to feel pampered, but to enjoy wellness that lasts.

Today's most sought-after residential spa amenities are built on thousands of years of accumulated knowledge about what it means to be well, with the added twist of custom, state-of-the-art technology to help consumers focus on every facet of their well-being. Think in-home snow showers, evoking Finnish avanto rituals, and Turkish-style baths with heated, comfortable seating areas, or thermal pools like those found throughout Europe and Japan. For centuries, people around the world have soothed their bodies and spirits with intentionally applied heat and cold.


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