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Let it Snow! There's No Better Time to Bring Snow into the Spa.

TechnoAlpin's new cascading snow shower is a fresh alternative to traditional cold therapy

Cold is very very hot when it comes to health and wellness. The long-revered practice of going from heat to cold has finally made its way from Europe to the USA. There seems to be no stopping this trend as wellness-seekers share the mental and physical benefits they are discovering by adding cold therapy to their wellness practice.

Given this, cold therapy is becoming a must-have feature in any well-appointed spa.

Data suggest that cold exposure helps with muscle soreness, but devotees agree that the experience goes much deeper: not only easing the body's aches and pains, many say it also increases mental clarity, reduces anxiety, helps with insomnia, and, crucially, combats inflammation.

One of the more elegant ways to offer cold in your spa is with Design for Leisure's partner, TechnoAlpin. The Italy-based snow specialists just introduced a silent and compact plug-and-play device that gently sprinkles a thick shower of snowflakes from the ceiling. Snowsky is easily integrated into new or existing facilities.


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