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GWI Reveals Latest Hydrothermal Spa Trends

By Leisure Management

The Global Wellness Institute (GWI) has released the top six trends in hydrothermal spa and wellness experiences as identified by its Hydrothermal Initiative.

One of the 23 GWI initiatives, the Hydrothermal Initiative is focused on educating both consumers and professionals on the health benefits and proper construction of all hydrothermal experiences, from popular saunas and steam rooms, to more specific modalities, such as salt inhalation, Kneipp therapy and floatation pools.

Thy Hydrothermal Initiative's Top Trends for 2019 include salt and Kneipp therapies, hot and cold contrast therapy, the increase in popularity of unisex wet thermal areas in spas and flotation therapy.

"Hydrothermal experiences offer wellness benefits that are difficult to achieve any other way, " said Don Genders chair of the Hydrothermal Initiative.


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