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Event Saunas require trained and certified staff to lead the unique experiences.


DFL’s Sauna Master foundational course takes place over four days and, schedules allowing is taught by Lasse Eriksen (Vice President of Aufguss World Championships and President of the Norwegian Sauna Association) or by a world-class Aufguss master appointed by Eriksen. The full certification program ensures Sauna Masters will be equipped with the knowledge and expertise required to run their own Aufguss programs. Follow up training is also available for Sauna Masters that want to take their practice to the next level (inquire for more information).



Theory (6 hours)

This is where new Sauna Masters soak in the basics of sweat bathing culture, understand the use of löyly (the steam that rises from the sauna stove), health and safety protocols and more. Our mission is to impart both knowledge of and respect for all the elements that make the ritual of sauna and sweat ceremonies so special: fire, water, air and earth. Sauna Masters will study the science around sauna and the benefits of contrast thermal therapy. They will learn about Aufguss equipment (essential oils, towels, etc.) and how to use all the products safely and correctly, including herbs, essential oils, resins, hydrolats (the natural water produced when distilling herbs for essential oils), and more.


Practical Training (15 hours)

This is where your new Sauna Masters will get a chance to put theory into practice. They will spend time learning towel waving techniques and practicing classic and traditional waving techniques and learning the reasons behind each. In addition, they will progress into some of the more modern techniques that create the “Aufguss” flow, including the smooth transitions found within an Aufguss performance. In addition, they will learn the practical skills of creating löyly, including playing with and sampling aromas and creating/performing a complete Aufguss experience in the new Event Sauna.

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Audio/Visual Training (3 hours)

The A/V system is integral to a good performance Aufguss and new Sauna Masters will learn how to set up a show, including light and sound, and a basic understanding of the equipment required. Our mission is to inspire and educate your spa’s staff to give them the confidence they need to perform memorable and moving sauna experiences for their guests.


DFL’s Event Sauna Services also includes a dedicated workshop for a spa’s management team (typically the Spa Manager), where we impart crucial knowledge about how to get the most out of your new Event Sauna.

This workshop covers:

  • Revenue and ROI

  • Scheduling and events

  • Marketing and promotional tips

  • Follow-up training best practices

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Download our detailed brochure to learn more about our history,  capabilities and expertise.

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